There are two things I learned growing up in an Italian home; family is everything and with food there’s passion. I LOVE the way Italians feel about food. They cook like artists and they eat with appreciation, food is an experience.


As a child, I spent every summer in Italy.  Inspired by the country's breathtaking landscape, fresh local markets and the everyday love for life, I discovered my passion for food... and my love for gelato.


I recently had a wonderful opportunity to take my children with me, as I once again went back to see my family. There I witnessed their first encounter with authentic Italian gelato, making the visit that much more special.


I’ve always dreamt of not only making gelato for others, but more importantly introducing them to the full gelato experience.  With this goal, I studied with master gelatieres who have taught me how to create exquisite artisanal gelato with bold pairings and inspiring recipe combinations.


So with this passion I invite you into our gelato family.


I hope you enjoy!

Mangiare bene, ridere spesso, amare tanto

(Eat well, laugh often, love a lot)

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